I got a palmer.
And the president has the day off today.
It seems that I went to the ``Togashi Yoshihiro Exhibition'' that I had been wanting to go to since then, and I received this photo.

Personally, I'm not very good at ``〇〇 exhibitions.'' I forgot something I went to a long time ago, but I think it's because the exhibition was so bad.
But I'm sure all of us who love manga and anime will be excited about this.
In other words, it's an exhibition that says, ``Always assume the worst case scenario for this guy. He's always going to be slightly above that!''
Apparently, the president was so confused about what goods to buy that he hesitated for two hours.
It's only a matter of time before I buy clothes, haha, but this Yoshihiro Togashi exhibition in Fukuoka seems to be open until January 14, 2024, so I want to go before then.
I really want to get a copy of the manga (the original is too expensive), so I'd like to get it.

Now, let's get to the main topic.

Following on from yesterday's announcement of the arrival of the 24SS season, we have this information today as well.


Finally, KANEMASA PHIL. will start delivering 24SS.

The first item of this season will be item number 1.
Here it is.

36G Super Fine Gauge Half Zip Pullover

col. light purple / salmon pink / black

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

KANEMASA PHIL. The first item in stock for 24SS will be a half-zip pullover.

All around the ribs are sewn with blouse to create a loose design. It has relaxing details that contrast with the shiny fabric .
The colors are classic black, seasonal colors blue and pink, and a color palette that follows the seasonal theme.
In addition, starting this season, we will wash and finish the product to prevent shrinkage after washing. In addition, only three colors other than the standard colors are finished with ozone processing,
giving this half-zip pullover a moderately loose feel.
We have updated the standard shape to a slightly more compact size.
I will.

By calculating every part, from the armholes and width of the body to the hood , and drawing a pattern, we maximize the potential of the fabric.
It has a rounded box silhouette, making it suitable for layering.
We continue to use the standard side slash pockets.
The height of the collar is adjusted so that when worn open, it is balanced so that it does not touch the mouth, and the collar is folded neatly even when worn open. KANEMASA's classic exclusive pullover made with luxurious fabrics .

The release date is this Friday, December 15th (Friday).

looking forward to.


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