TTT MSW / Wool wading jacket

TTT MSW / Wool wading jacket

Tomorrow, the ``Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon'' will finally begin.

I did what I could, and paid for the things I should have paid for.

On my day off the day before yesterday, I had a BBQ in Hakata and ate some meat, which must have boosted my energy! !

Barbecue at our beloved Kikutsuru Soba Hakata branch.

The best.
However, even though I had given up drinking, I didn't drink at the barbecue and ended up drinking, feeling sorry for the meat. . .

My friend's dog ``Oden'' was so cute that I wanted to take him out.

It's tomorrow anyway.

My first full marathon starts tomorrow at 8:30.

Thank you for your support! !

Well, today's introduction.

Wool wading jacket

col. red / navy

price ¥176,000 (tax included)

Introducing the Wool wading jacket from TTT MSW.

A hooded jacket using a native pattern that symbolizes this season.
The fabric varies depending on the color, the navy has a blanket-like feel, and the red has a chewy rug-like feel.

The silhouette has raglan sleeves, a wide body, and a short length, so I think it's easy to wear with a variety of body types.

The jacket is made of wool and has a cupro lining for excellent heat retention, the neck area that touches the skin is fleece, and the front waist pocket has a large capacity and is highly functional.

You can't help but notice how the hood stands up on these hooded blouson jackets, and the way the hood stands up is beautiful.

Recommended as a heavy outerwear from this winter.

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