TTT MSW / Down vest

TTT MSW / Down vest

Maybe it's because I've been reading SAKAMOTO DAYS lately.

I just wanted to fire the gun.

I went to "The Shooting Bar" in Imaizumi.

At the second house, even though I was tipsy, I focused on the heart and head shots.

It feels really refreshing.

Actually, I wanted to shoot rifles such as Scar or AK.

When I was talking about this, a kind staff member told me.

They gave me a free ticket to shoot an AK lol

Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da soon. I'm going to say that.

I was bruised! I hope you all like it too.

Now, onto the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

Down vest

col. boro

price ¥99,000 (tax included)

This is a down vest from the TTT MSW 23AW collection.

It is reversible so it can be worn on both sides, and the fleece outer material is made of a material that meets the flame retardant ( hard to spread flame) index .
The chest has the same brand's embroidered logo.

The lining is printed with a realistic BORO pattern called Mona Lisa, processed using high-performance inkjet printing , and is made of high-density taffeta using 50D recycled NY .
Because it is made of raw silk, it is characterized by its suppleness, firmness, and luster.
It is water repellent and has been treated, so you can feel safe even on bad weather days.

On days when it suddenly gets cold, one side is fleece, so by putting the fleece on the inside, you can achieve even more warmth.

When it comes to down vests, I think you will have the most opportunities to wear them from November onwards.

it's recommended.

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