TTT MSW / smile over size knit

TTT MSW / smile over size knit

Good evening.

The pollen is really coming out.

Ever since I came to Fukuoka, I wake up every morning with a stuffy nose.

Worst wake up. lol

Everyone with hay fever all over the country, let's do our best from here until the rainy season! !

And on my day off yesterday, I came across a wonderful movie.

Do you know this?

2021 United States, France, and Canada comedy-drama film "Coda Love Song".

I didn't really want to see it, so I watched a movie that was highly rated on an app called Filmax.

Ruby, a girl who is the only one in a family of four with normal hearing, is aiming to become a singer... Oh, I can't write a synopsis, so I'll just copy and paste it, haha.

Ruby, a high school student who lives in a seaside town blessed with abundant nature, is the only one in her family of four, including her parents and older brother, who can hear. Because of her cheerful and kind family, Ruby became an ``interpreter'' from an early age and helped out with the family fishing business every day. In the new school year, Ruby chooses the same choir club as her classmate Miles, whom she secretly admires. Then, Ruby's teacher advisor notices Ruby's singing talent and strongly recommends that she apply to a prestigious music college in the city. However, her parents, who cannot hear Ruby's singing voice, cannot believe in their daughter's talent and strongly oppose her, saying that the family business is more important. Ruby is troubled and decides to continue helping her family over her dreams, but her father notices his daughter's talent in an unexpected way and makes an unexpected decision...


In any case, it was a movie that fully depicted the enormity of language and communication barriers and family love.

My heart became beautiful.

Recommended for those who tend to get stressed out lol

Well, that's all for movie reviews, let's get to the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

smile over size knit

col. green, black (sold out)

price. ¥66,000 (tax included)

Introducing the smile oversize knit that recently arrived from TTT MSW .

There is cute embroidery on the front and back sides.

The silhouette is distinctive and the width is perfect. It has a short silhouette.

The sleeves are not tied, making it look like a Japanese kimono.

Rather than a knit to be worn as an inner layer, this item is ideal for casual styling, worn alone on holidays, or layered with items such as shirts and long T-shirts.

Once the item arrives, we will be ordering it online, so all we have left is the green M size.

If you are interested, please take a look online.

TTT MSW mail order page

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