TTT MSW / TTT Logo print sweat

TTT MSW / TTT Logo print sweat

The other day, my junior opened his long-awaited shisha restaurant, so we went there to celebrate and chill out.
I thought it would be small since I was doing it alone, but I turned a house into a shop. The best!
The second floor space is said to be a record room where you can smoke shisha in a more private space, but it is still unfinished.
It's a space that perfectly suits the personality of a junior, and the shisha you smoke in a calm, somewhat nostalgic space is the ultimate chill girl.
It looks like it will officially open on March 1st, so if you're interested, please ask me and I'll tell you about this super chill little-known spot.

I feel like I've really picked up more hobbies lately.
Thanks to this, I have the pleasure of wearing clothes and looking fashionable even in my private time, which allows me to kill two birds with one stone.
It's really fun thinking about what to wear when I'm going there.

And the TTTMSW Logo print sweat that has just arrived (I personally have been looking forward to it)!
I think this item has a relaxed texture and a well-designed design, making it the perfect item to wear on holidays.

Yes, this is what I will introduce today.

Logo print sweat

TTT MSW / Logo print sweat
Col. Light Blue / Gray
Size. Size M / Size L
Price. 23,100 yen (tax included)

This product is made from recycled cotton material, which is made from 100% cotton, which is then re-wrapped using a recombination machine and re-spun.
The original product uses materials that are azo-free (meaning the dyes used in clothing do not contain dyes that are harmful to the body) and are GRS certified.

An eye-catching crew neck sweatshirt with a moderately loose silhouette and TTT logo print.
Although it is a sweatshirt, it has a very beautiful silhouette and does not feel sloppy, which is often the case with sweatshirts.
By using a functional material with just the right amount of flesh, this piece has a dynamic and beautiful fall feel.
The slightly rough look is rugged and cool.
I think the expression will gradually change as you wear it, so it's also fun to enjoy that.

We also have pants to match this sweatshirt in stock.


TTT logo print sweat pants

TTT MSW / Logo print sweat pants
Col. Light Blue / Gray
Size. Size M / Size L
Price. 26,400 yen (tax included)

This one is also made from the same material.
Although they are sweatpants, they also have a very beautiful wide silhouette.
By using a functional material with just the right amount of flesh, the bottoms have a dynamic and beautiful fall feel.
Easy-to-wear details give you the comfort of sweatpants.
Unisex design that can be adjusted to fit various waist sizes.
The hem is also narrowed, so you can wear it straight and sporty with sneakers without looking too weird.

Of course, it's fun to style it as a separate item with various items, but right now I'm wearing sneakers with a sweatshirt set.
I feel like I'm going to be blown away by 80's HIP HOP and have super classic RAN DMC styling.

Personally, I recommend purchasing the set up.

It arrived yesterday, but some sizes are already missing, so hurry up.

Click here for the TTT MSW product page.

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