Dimension jacket

Dimension jacket

Good evening.

Lately, I've been so addicted to mazesoba that I eat mazesoba from convenience stores and other restaurants every time I take a lunch break.

I went to "Taiwan Mazesoba Hanabi".

This time, we will introduce Taiwanese Mazesoba, which is the most popular dish.

Taiwanese minced meat, chives, green onions, fish meal, and seaweed are topped with a bright, shiny egg yolk in the center.

The noodles are also chewy and medium-thick, and when mixed, they become sticky and go well with the seasonings.

The mellow aroma of fishmeal mixed with minced meat, the stimulation of chives and green onions, and the appetite-boosting taste of coarsely chopped garlic are the best.

I forgot to take a picture, but I added a little vinegar that was on the table to tighten the flavor and double the flavor.

(Be careful not to apply too much)

If you ask the staff after you finish eating the noodles, you'll receive a free follow-up meal, so if you're hungry, you'll definitely want to try it! ! !

Oh, and on a personal note, I'm about to graduate from having shaggy hair, so please let me know what hairstyle you recommend.

*I'm only looking for serious opinions.

I would like to leave aside the mazesoba and hairstyle and get to the main topic.

This is what I would like to introduce to you.

Dimension jacket

col.yellow / black (sold out)
price. ¥85,800 (tax included)

Introducing the dimension jacket from TTT MSW.

A 3- layer material laminated with a special urethane moisture-permeable film on a cotton-like outer material that uses Taslan yarn for the weft of the base fabric .

It has a water pressure resistance of over 20,000 mm , and due to the effect of the porous film, it has a water permeability of over 18,000 g/ for 24 hours , which is a fairly high level.

The hood can be stored in the neck collar, so please use it according to the occasion.

After it arrived, it was very popular and we only have the yellow L size left.

If you are interested, please take a look online.

TTT MSW mail order page

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