TTT MSW / Nylon pull over zip up shirt , New standard wide pants

TTT MSW / Nylon pull over zip up shirt, New standard wide pants

Good evening. This is Ogata.
My last big announcement blog.
It seems that we have hit the highest number of views ever.
The number is over 200...
I am very happy that I was able to accomplish this feat in the end.

Also, speaking of retirement, I only have two days left to be at the store as a PRANK STORE staff member.

It's doubtful whether it will be available in stores on the 30th, so the 23rd is actually the last one.
I'm looking forward to interacting with many people at the end! ! !

Well, after writing this blog, Ogata went home after work.

He's cute lol

From here on, I would like to write.

Well, today is the arrival day of TTT MSW.

It was a busy day with products being shipped to customers who had purchased online all day long, and customers coming to the store to see them lol.

It's the first time we've seen the real thing since the exhibition, but it's great!

Today, we would like to once again introduce the setup that was popular on the first day of release.

Nylon pull over zip up shirt

col. white / sage green / black

price ¥35,200 (tax included)

New standard wide pants

col. white / sage green / black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

Nylon pullover zip-up shirt.

A high-performance hybrid made from thin nylon taslan taffeta that has both highly durable water and oil repellency.

High water and oil repellency prevents dirt from sticking.

The zip is TTT's original logo zip.

You can change the silhouette by tightening the drawcord at the hem.

These are wide pants made of the same material.

Made of thin nylon, these pants can be worn even in the summer.

The stitching on the center crease gives it a beautiful impression while still maintaining the tech functionality.

Today, a customer came to the store and bought two bottles.

it's recommended.

We will also introduce cardigans tomorrow.

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