TTTMSW / Nordic zip up cardigan

TTTMSW / Nordic zip up cardigan

The store is bustling with the arrival of TTT MSW, but the mail order festival may be even busier than that.
When starting TTT MSW, the day passes by in the blink of an eye as we prepare for mail order and respond to customers.
Well, I had the day off yesterday, but... (I feel awkward. Lol)
I can't say that I was playing Fortnite online after my first hair removal session. . .

And when I came to work today, I found that quite a few had left, as I had expected, and the swing top I was looking for was sold out in my size.

What I would like to introduce today (although it may not even be necessary to introduce it anymore)
Speaking of TTT MSW, this is their impressive knit series.

TTT MSW / Nordic zip up cardigan
Size: Size L / Size XL
Col: Red × Black / Navy / Black
Price: 26,400 yen (tax included)

A 100% cotton zip-up cardigan that is also an icon of TTT.
Finished with a Nordic pattern that is a symbol of this season.
It has become a favorite pattern among designers, and this pattern is used throughout this season's items.

There is no particular change in the size, but since it is a fall/winter specification, the cotton fabric is slightly thicker.

I don't think I can wear it right now, but I think if I let it sit for 2 months, I'll be able to wear it for all purposes.

If you ignore it because you can't wear it yet, you'll probably run out of it in no time, so those of you who are curious about it! Please hurry up.

Click here online.

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