TOZAOU 23AW & "mimi" Pre Oder

TOZAOU 23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

Regarding the TOZAOU event to be held for the PRANK STORE anniversary, which I mentioned in the other day's blog.

23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

We will hold an event titled TOZAOU 23AW & "mimi" Pre Order to coincide with the anniversary of the brand "TOZAOU" and PRANK STORE, which is in its second season of handling.

*During the event period, designer Uri will also be visiting the store.

There are two main contents.

・TOZAOU 23AW Collection Pre Order fair

“Have a margin”

“There is a margin”

The torn mittens on the stove The wallpaper in the bathroom that I always looked at The pixels of an old RPG game I played The cedar forest that surrounded the apartment complex where I lived I gathered fragmentary memories of my daily life from my childhood. The season started with a start.

Although it is subjective no matter how you go about it, I hope that from an abstract memory, through design, it can become a part of a person's concrete identity. 2023AW.

First of all, we will prepare TOZAOU 23AW Collection samples so you can take a quick look at the 23rd Autumn/Winter Collection, try it on, and make advance reservations.

Furthermore, the designer Mr. Iori will be in the store, so it's a valuable opportunity to hear directly about the background and thoughts behind creating each item.

・"mimi" series Pre Order

* If you work at a tailored sewing factory, you will accumulate leftover fabric from items that have been mass-produced. Each factory processes this on a regular basis. Among them is a fabric called selvedge.

The inner part is not used and is discarded when it is cut. When I'm cutting, I often find fabrics with color combinations that really appeal to me.
However, I felt uncomfortable with the act of throwing it away in the trash, so I started this project to bring ``mimi'', which can only exist within fabric manufacturers and tailors, into the main focus of design.

PRANK STORE also produced the ``Mimi Series Track Slacks'' for the 22AW season.
They were very popular the last time they were in stores, and for the anniversary event, we have seven types of ear track slacks available for immediate purchase.

Not only that, you can choose your favorite fabric from among the dozens of fabric samples prepared by Mr. Uori and make a track jacket or track slacks from scratch.

I think it will be the best piece since I can make it while consulting with Mr. Uori.

There are two things to enjoy.

This is a project that our staff is really looking forward to.

Furthermore, nobuyuki matsui is also planning an event, so we will announce that in a later blog.


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