Good evening.

As I talked about in yesterday's blog, I would like to talk about some interesting movies I watched during the holidays.

This is a completely different film from the Indian movie "RRR" that I introduced yesterday.

``Superbad'' is an American youth comedy film produced in 2007.

I usually watch American movies with silly titles because they're interesting. lol

A story about a trio of uncool American high school virgins who struggle to lose their virginity at a graduation party.

They each target girls they are interested in and try to appeal to them at a graduation party, but the straight, simple, or rather stupid characters that only virgins have are really good, especially in a movie like this. It's funny how the fat characters are so outrageous lol

Anyway, most of the characters have screws coming off their heads.

I like the ``Hangover'' series enough to buy the DVD, but I recommend it to those who can laugh about it.

I wonder if I was working hard like this when I was younger!? My heart tightens when I think about it lol

Well, putting that aside, today we suddenly received a shipment, so let's talk about that.


col. forest green

price. ¥49,500 (tax included)

A 2-way shirt with tie-dyeing from NULABEL .

short and long sleeves It can be worn in 2 patterns.

Dyeing and discharge printing are done using Arimatsu Narumi Shibori, a traditional craft of Aichi Prefecture.

Undyed recycled nylon is dyed by hand, then tied up and discharge dyed to create the pattern.

The colors expressed this time are based on the image of colors that can coexist in nature, and are dyed as original colors.

This is a hybrid item that combines recycled nylon and traditional Japanese dyeing methods, and is lightweight and has 2-way functionality.

The front has snap buttons, so I think it's easy to wear as a light outerwear.

Please try it.

NULABEL online page

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