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Selvedge wide jeans in stock

It's April, and the 11th is almost over.
I'm sure there are many people whose environments have completely changed, such as by trying new things and trying new things.

This is a movie that I would like to recommend to you.
The importance of taking on challenges, JUST DO IT.
I watched the movie "Air".

The birth story of Nike's Air Jordan.
I want to see it just for the first part. I went to see it with this in mind, but I was overcome with an urge to move my heart.
It will make you laugh and cry, and the messages sprinkled throughout the movie will really hit home, so if you are feeling uneasy about something, you should definitely go see it.
This work truly represents the words "JUST DO IT."
I realized that the future is determined by small, trivial things in everyday life that seem unrelated at first glance. It's really up to me, too.

If I write like this, I'll probably get teased about Poemer again, so I'll leave it here, but I'd like to go see it a few more times.
I seriously recommend it.


I want to go see the Mario movie, which will be released in Japan at the end of April.
It's crazy that Demon Slayer's historical box office revenue and Frozen surpassed Frozen in just 5 days after its worldwide release lol Way to go, Mario!

If you look closely at the cool guys, you'll see that they love denim, like Brad Pitt, Mario, and me.

sorry,,,. All jokes aside.

This time, we staff members were also looking forward to it.

superNova. / Selvedge wide jeans

is now in stock. So let me introduce you to them.

superNova. / Selvedge wide jeans - Vintage wash
Col. Indigo / Black
Size. Size S / Size M
Price 22,000 yen (tax included)

*The black color is sewn with beige stitching, and has undergone shaving, stone bio processing, fading processing, and overdying processing to create an atmosphere that looks like it has been worn for many years.

superNova. / Selvedge wide jeans - One wash
Col. Indigo / Black
Size. Size S / Size M
Price 22,000 yen (tax included)

* The black color is sewn with elegant beige stitching, and this one has been washed once. Selvedge (red selvedge) is used for the front and back side seams.

The fabric is 13oz 100% cotton selvedge denim from Okayama, Okayama, which is woven using rope-dyed thread.
I think that selvedge denim is characterized by the texture of the fabric as a whole, giving it a unique presence compared to other denim.

Because it is woven on a shuttle loom at low speed and takes time to incorporate air, the fabric has a fluffy finish that feels like it contains air compared to regular denim.
Although it has a wide silhouette with a single tuck, it is not a so-called jeans silhouette, but rather a beautiful silhouette like slacks that can be worn elegantly, so it has a solid elegance even though it is rugged.
The side pockets are bias pockets that are easy to access. It is true that this kind of attention to detail can lead to a successful purchase.
By intentionally removing the front rivets, which are a characteristic of jeans, and reinforcing them with bolts, they create a clean look and are easy to match with a variety of outfits.
The stitch work seen in vintage jeans is incorporated throughout, and the back pockets are designed with reinforced fabric, hidden bolts, and hidden rivets to ensure long-term use, with reinforced areas that are prone to wear and tear.

By wearing it for a long time, you can enjoy discoloration and changes over time, so you can enjoy growing it as your own denim.

Regarding handling: As the color may fade or transfer due to friction or moisture, please be careful when wearing it with light colors, car seats, etc.

Personally, these are definitely the pants I wore the most last season (and I'm still wearing them), so I highly recommend them.

Personally, I'm aiming for a "Vintage wash" this time.

Click here for the superNova. product page.


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