KANEMASA / London Stripe Dress Jersey Short Sleeve

KANEMASA / London Stripe Dress Jersey Short Sleeve

Good evening.

Did you see this yesterday?

"2023 Super Bantamweight 6th Round Tenshin Nasukawa vs Yuki Yonaha".

This is my first official match after switching from Tenshin Kick to boxing.

The person I met was Yuki Yonaha from my hometown of Okinawa.

I noticed that my high school friends were cheering me on on Instagram stories, but it turned out to be my classmates from the junior high school next door.

This is a pattern that will make you happy no matter who wins.

There was a match going on at work, so I watched it closely when I got home, but even when I go to boxing, Tenshin's good eyesight and sense of speed are on a different level.

In the end, Tenshin won by decision after being knocked down once, but this class is definitely worth watching with its fast-paced and fast-paced matches.

Thank you to both players for their hard work! !

Now to the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you today.

London Stripe Dress Jersey Short Sleeve


price ¥ 22,990 (tax included)

A super high gauge 46G London striped short sleeve shirt made of typewriter fabric.

It has high stretchability and is so comfortable that you won't want to stop wearing it once you put it on, and it is easy to care for, with little wrinkles or other changes in shape when worn.

The details are a dress shirt, all rolled up and sewn, and a shell butterfly button is used.
Recycled polyester and SRO yarn are dyed in two baths ( a method in which different materials are dyed in two different dye solutions in succession ) to create a deep color.
The excellent pale tone color can be worn regardless of the season or gender.

It is important to choose summer clothes for sweaty people.

KANEMASA shirts are made from a special fabric that actually wrinkles out when washed, so we recommend washing them every time you wear them in the summer.

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