superNova. / Balloon jacket 改  【再入荷】

superNova. / Balloon jacket revised [Restock]

incubusu has finally arrived in Japan.

My favorite band in the world will be coming to Japan next May.
I was overjoyed because I never thought I'd see the day live in my life.
I managed to get a ticket and SS seat.
I have one more thing to look forward to next year, Azusa.

And speaking of looking forward to it, thank you very much Mr. Yamaguchi.
"superNova. / Balloon jacket revised [restock] " which was sold out.

It suddenly started snowing in Fukuoka, and this is winter, the temperature is getting warmer and the demand for outerwear is exploding even more.

Now that it's back in stock, it's really a gold stick for demons and a star for Mario.
The one item I most want to get is now in stock.

For more details, please click here , so please check again.

And we have just decided to add this item in addition to the outerwear.

・Reversible lining jacket - Flower camo jacquard boa
Flower camo jacquard boa muffler

bomber cap

In addition to the items listed above, we are planning to have more items in stock, so please look forward to it.

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