TTT MSW 24SS 1st delivery

TTT MSW 24SS 1st delivery

Good evening.

First of all, here is the announcement.

Starting this week, PRE SALE has started at PRANK STORE.

You can jump right from the online home screen, so please take a look.


We will be holding a small PRE SALE to express our gratitude to everyone.
This time, we will also be targeting 23AW products.
(You can purchase with 20% off )

Coupon CODE

*Please use the coupon code at checkout.
This time, if you give us a few words not only at the online store but also at the store, we will store the online store.
We will also have a sale as well.
12/17 (Mon) 20:00 - 12/24 (Sun) 23:59
*Some products are not eligible.
*We do not accept returns or exchanges of sale items.

In addition to the PRE SALE, we are also continuing to hold an archive sale.

Now, on to the main topic.

Today, as the title says, we are planning to release the 1st delivery from the TTT MSW 24SS collection soon, so we will talk about that.

24SS 1st delivery

It will be this Friday,

TTT MSW's 24SS collection will be launched on December 22nd (Friday).

We have released a list of items that are expected to be in stock, which everyone may be wondering about.

Tailored jacket

col. black


price ¥66,000 (tax included)

Tailored pants

col. black


price ¥46,200 (tax included)


col. green / navy / brown×white / brown×green

size. FREE

price ¥13,200 (tax included)

As mentioned above, this time's arrival is scheduled to arrive in 3 product numbers.

Of course, it is recommended for everyday use, but if you are planning a wedding soon or have a coming-of-age ceremony in the new year, this is the perfect time to purchase it.

This product will go on sale as soon as it arrives on Friday the 22nd.

looking forward to.

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