Good evening.

I started watching this drama the other day when my housemate told me to watch it.

"When a couple breaks up."

This drama has been running on Friday nights since April.

I started watching it as I was told, not knowing what it was about, but it was a heart-warming cheating drama.

The main character is Yoko, a female doctor played by Izumi Inamori.
It's a muddy drama where Yoko's husband is actually cheating on her from the very beginning, even though the family seems happy at first glance.

Moreover, when you start watching, most of the characters are trash. .

I would never watch a drama like this with my girlfriend or wife. lol

Of course I'm not cheating, so I enjoy watching it, but when I recommended this drama to my boss the other day, he said, ``I'll never watch it.'' I wonder why. .

I am very curious.

Well, let's leave that aside and get to the main topic.

The ``SUMMER item'' series is a surprisingly popular summer item special project. lol

Last time I introduced shorts from the accessories category, but today I'd like to introduce them to you.


This time, we have picked up three short sleeve T-shirts with designs that are essential for summer.

First of all, click here.

Interlude Tee

col. white / brown / black

price. ¥16,500 (tax included)

This season's short-sleeved cut-and-sew item from the allege graphic series has the word "Interlude" printed on it. Center print with a slightly roomy size. The color schemes are also nice, with green on the white body, white on the brown, and blue on the black.

Interlude = interlude, events in between

ALLEGE online page

Continue to here.


col. red / black

price ¥23,100 (tax included)


Made of soft cotton jersey fabric.
The claw mark graphic is expressed with sparkling rhinestones.
Due to its loose silhouette, it can be worn alone or with a tank top or hoodie made of the same material.


MASU online page

Nobuyuki Matsui
T-shirts WAX

col. white×yellow / white×blue

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

A short sleeve tee from nobuyuki matsui that is individually batik-dyed.
Batik is a method of dyeing that takes advantage of the dye-repelling property of wax, which prevents the areas that are coated with wax with a brush from being dyed.
The finish is close to that of a painting, allowing for free expression.

Nobuyuki Matsui online page

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