There are so many movies I want to see these past few months that I'm happy about it, but at the same time I'm spending a lot of money.
If you go to a movie theater, you want to see it in the best possible environment, so the price per viewing is inevitably expensive. If I go to the trouble of seeing it, I don't want to compromise.

I was really looking forward to this time.
"Rohan Kishibe goes to the Louvre"

Rohan Kishibe is one of the most popular characters in the manga "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", which I love.
A live-action adaptation of the "Kishibe Rohan does not move" series.

First of all, this key visual is so fucking cool! !
I've been watching it ever since it was aired as a special drama on NHK, and it's one of the few successful live-action adaptations from manga. (Although the diamond shattered beautifully. LOL)
Is it okay if there is no leakage for the first few minutes of the screening? That's what I thought, but before I knew it, I had finished watching it.
Issei Takahashi's Kishibe Rohan is not exactly the Rohan of the manga, but the atmosphere that can only be seen in a live-action movie is great, and the arrangement for the movie, which is not found in the manga, went in a good direction this time It was a masterpiece movie.
Although there are few shots of the Louvre, the images of the scenery around the Louvre are just too beautiful.
I don't know much about art or paintings, but I wanted to visit it at least once in my life.

Travel with just one bag.
I think this is a lifestyle that every man dreams of having at least once.

This time, we have received a bag that is perfect for city use.
This is the black one that arrived a while ago and sold out within the first day of arrival.


col. gray

price ¥39,600 (tax included)

Today, we have received a new shipment of ping pong shoulder bags from HIDAKA, so we would like to introduce them to you.

The black Ping Pong shoulder bag that arrived earlier was sold out immediately through mail order, so most of you probably didn't get to see it in person because it didn't arrive in stores for even a day.
The new color that has arrived this time is "gray".

It is a kitsch design typical of HIDAKA, focusing on "table tennis", which is a symbol of the nerdy motif, and quoting a racket case.

The exterior is kept as simple as possible, and the stitching has been removed as much as possible to create a modern finish.

From this season, we have updated the product to a stronger product using the original carabiner type slider.

The shoulder belt is thick, and the shoulder pads have good cushioning, so you won't get tired even when carrying heavy items.

Of course, it has a large capacity, and the main part also has a pocket for small items, making it excellent for storing small items.

- Pocket inspired by table tennis racket case


-Original carabiner type slider

-Thick nylon twill with washer finish

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