PRANK STORE 5周年イベントについて

About PRANK STORE 5th anniversary event

Good evening.

This year's Golden Week was a 9-day holiday for many people, but it ends today! !

It was a very busy Golden Week, with a rush of customers returning home like before the coronavirus!

Customers who visited us! thank you very much! !

Well, speaking of May, we have special events in addition to Golden Week! !

Here it is! !

PRANK STORE 5th anniversary !!

That's right.

Thanks to you, PRANK STORE will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on the 26th of this month!

For last year's anniversary, we held an order event for the accessory brand "CHIPIE", and we are planning another exciting event this year! !

We have two main events planned, so I would like to touch on them briefly.

The first is,,,,

nobuyuki matsui

In preparation for the upcoming anniversary, we have had many discussions with designer Mr. Matsui and have prepared bespoke PRANK STORE anniversary items.

Moreover, we plan to have each item in a different shape, so it will be a one-of-a-kind item.

It's really tempting. . .

Details will be announced later.

The second is,,,


TOZAOU is currently being picked up for its second season.

The track pants from the Mimi series, which were very popular when we created them last time for the anniversary, are available in 7 colors.

You can also choose your own fabric and make Mimi track pants and track jackets.

We are also preparing some interesting things such as preparing some 23AW samples for you to order.

We are planning to have designers from both brands come on the day of the event, so we hope you will take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

We will be releasing information about the anniversary little by little on our blog, so please continue to look forward to it.

Around here today.

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