nobuyuki matsui / T shirts WAX

nobuyuki matsui / T-shirts WAX

Good evening.

I went for a run this morning before work.

The best start to the day.

And today is the last day of this year.

Season of farewell.

My good friends at Okinawan restaurant ``Saiya'' in Fukuoka and Okinawan soba restaurant ``Kikutsuru Soba'' in Tenjin Kita were on their last day of work, so I went there with my boss during my lunch break.

My boss visited Kikutsuru Soba for the first time because he couldn't eat the soup because it was sold out when he came before. lol

And the consistently delicious “Kikutsuru Special”.

I am once again grateful to be able to eat Okinawa soba of this quality in Fukuoka. .

And thank you very much for your hard work today on your last shift! !

Good luck on the next stage! !

Well, now that my stomach is full, let's get to the main topic.

nobuyuki matsui
T-shirts WAX

col. white× red , brown , blue , yellow

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

Introducing short sleeve tees from nobuyuki matsui that are individually batik dyed.





Since each item is dyed one by one, PRANK STORE offers custom colors for each item.

To begin with, batik is a method of dyeing that takes advantage of the dye-repelling properties of wax, which prevents the areas that are coated with wax with a brush from being dyed.

The result is a finish close to that of a painting, allowing for free expression.

Once you learn about the dyeing process, you will realize that it is a masterpiece that takes a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, the dyeing of this Tee is wonderful, and the material is also quite good.

Although it is made of 100% cotton, it is made with high quality cotton and a special knitting method to give it a smooth texture and stretch.

This is 100 cotton! ? I would like to actually wear it.

The size is one size 3(L).

It's also available online, so please take a look.

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