MATSUFUJI / Melange Rib Semi-flare Trousers

MATSUFUJI / Melange Rib Semi-flare Trousers

Good evening.

February and March were a busy time for my boss and I to travel to Tokyo for exhibitions.

We took turns going, and sometimes we both went out together, but 23A W ended with the exhibition that my boss went to see this week! ! !

I share photos every time I go on a business trip, and this time there were a few items that looked really good.

This time,,

・nobuyuki matsui

4 brands.
Although I have not yet placed an order, this is a brand that I have personally purchased, so there are many that I want right away. lol

I have to be careful not to order only products that I personally like. . .

Now to the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you again today.

Melange Rib Semi-flare Trousers

col. green / navy

price38,500 (tax included)

ZIP UP Melange rib knit semi-flared trousers.

Create an original heathered thread by twisting 60/1 thread into a heathered pattern.

I use stretch yarn to create a kickback in Milano rib knitting.

I don't usually wear narrow pants, but these semi-flare pants have room in the thighs and aren't too narrow at the knees, so I think I can wear them with this silhouette without any hesitation.

What you should especially pay attention to is this exquisite silhouette and comfort.

It has a supple feel on the skin and excellent stretch.
Since it is knitted with Milano rib knitting, I think you can wear it with a feeling that you would not get with stretchy denim.

I hope you give it a try.

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