nobuyuki matsui / Piping shorts

nobuyuki matsui / Piping shorts

Good evening. This is Ogata from Ace.

Do you know this rapper called "zorn"?

He's a rapper that I listened to all the time from my third year of high school to my first year of college, and recently a video of Zorn's live performance appeared on Tik Tok, and the crowd was really good and people were really excited about it.

I wanted to listen to it for the first time in a while, but the songs Zorn made aren't available on Apple Music or other subscription services, so you have to buy them on the iTunes Store.

That's why I bought it...

“All my Homies” and “Walk This Way”

Speaking of Zorn, there are two classic songs! ! ! !

Well, it's already the best, isn't it?

The recently formed PRANK STORE diet club has its own menu, and I like to listen to Walk This Way when I'm cooling down after a run.

Okay, let's run today! ! !

Now that I'm starting to feel motivated to go on a diet, I think it's time to get down to business.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

nobuyuki matsui
Piping shorts

col. indigo

price ¥47,300 (tax included)

Introducing the piping shorts that will be the last delivery of the nobuyuki matsui 23SS Collection.

The material is a three-dimensional fabric that has been wrinkled.

The color is ``tome-kon blue'', which is dyed with ``hon-indigo dye'' using indigo plants, and is dyed so darkly that it cannot be dyed any further.

Nobuyuki matsui's dyeing is so cool that you can feel the difference at first glance.

The waist is made of elastic and has an easy-to-wear drawcord, making it very easy to wear.

And the piping on the side seams and pocket edges, which is also the name of the item. The ultra suede material used in other collection items this season is used.

The lining is an original lining with the same brand logo. The smooth and comfortable feel is irresistible.

A book with a lot of attention to detail.

Please feel the charm at the store.

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