Nobuyuki Matsui 23AW 1st delivery

Nobuyuki Matsui 23AW 1st delivery

I don't have any expectations for live action based on manga other than American comics.
Of course, there are some works that can be called great successes. (Gintama etc.)
This time I will not be talking about the live-action version of One Piece, but rather about Kingdom: Flame of Fate, which was released the other day.

1 and 2 had been highly praised, so I took this opportunity to watch them.
The cast doesn't look out of place and it's live-action, but the backgrounds, sets, and action are a little lame and cheap in places...The costumes also have a bit of a cosplay feel to them...
It's interesting if there are two choices: interesting or boring. However, there were parts where I thought, ``Ah, that's too good.'' Not just a few, but about half and half. The scene that disappointed me the most was the scene where Qiang's special performance, ``Mibu,'' was performed for the first time.
In the original, it's super cool and should be a completely charming scene, but what's the deal with the live-action version? It's so bad that it's seriously frustrating. (Sorry if there is someone who likes it.)
I'm sorry to sound so arrogant, but this is my real opinion.
I'm not a Kingdom otaku, but I like the original work so much that I read it every week without fail.
So I'm planning to watch 3 in theaters.

If you want to go see it with me, please invite me.
(By the way, two people have already invited me to go see it with them (and they're both girls), but the date is still up in the air, so there's still time. lol)

Well, today we have a surprise arrival, so we will report it on the blog.

Nobuyuki Matsui
23AW 1st delivery

Nobuyuki Matsui 23AW 1st delivery.
We are also very happy about the unexpected arrival.

Today we will post a list of items in stock.

Bicolor pullover (shrink)

col. white / green

price ¥63,800 (tax included)

Lining Pants

col. navy / black brown

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

Urban waistcoat

col. navy

price ¥63,800 (tax included)


col. black

price ¥136,400 (tax included)

That's it.

We are unable to provide a detailed introduction today, but we will reveal it at a later date.

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