Good evening.

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the formation with my housemates. I took a day off and went on a day trip.

First, we rented a car and headed towards Fukutsu. The expressway I never wanted to ride because I was too much of a paper driver. It was so crowded that I didn't think I'd be able to make it in time for my reservation, so I decided to take the ride. I thought I was going to die. It's hard to change lanes.

and go to the destination.

Last year, I went to the ``Sushi Yatai'' store in Okagaki.
I couldn't forget the shock I had when I ate it the other day, so I came back to the store, albeit at a different store.

This time it's a satisfying course of 13 pieces.
Everything is still so good.
Since I came all the way, I ended up ordering conger eel and chutoro.
I wonder if there is any such delicious sushi?
Even if there is, I don't want to know.
For some reason, I feel like it's not good for my body if I know that it exceeds this level.
"Sushi Yatai" will continue to reign as the pinnacle of my sushi.

Fill your stomach and move on to the next location.

This is my first time visiting "Marine World."
It's an aquarium.

As someone who loves giant creatures, this is irresistible.


An ugly big fish.

It looked delicious probably because I had eaten sushi.

Finally, enjoy the sea lion and dolphin show.
Adults can also enjoy this performance with non-human animals.

I enjoyed riding in the car until the evening.

Anyway, I'm glad I made it home alive without any accidents. .

I want to go back to being a guy who can drive smarter.

Well, let's leave the story aside and get to the main topic.

Today is the release date.

2nd delivery

Since opening, customers have continued to come to the store, and we have been running out of sizes and sold out.

Customers who visit our stores and customers who purchase online. Thank you very much.

I'd really like to introduce them all at once, but I've picked out the most popular items.


col. white / black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

Hoodie with a compact silhouette.

The monogram pattern, which features countless silhouettes of angels, is expressed in delicate and lacy jacquard.

This piece feels like a fateful encounter between the hoodie, which is one of the symbols of casual wear, and lace, which has a delicate and noble image.

The final touch is the USA rubber print that adds humor.

A piece that can be incorporated into both casual and dressy outfits to revitalize your wardrobe.

*Due to delicate fabric, handle with care.


col. white / black

price ¥37,400 (tax included)

Lace pants with a straight silhouette.

The monogram pattern, which features countless silhouettes of angels, is expressed in delicate and lacy jacquard.

The silhouette is patterned from standard jeans, and the waist part is made of faded indigo denim, creating a marriage of jeans, a symbol of casual wear, and delicate, noble contrasting lace.

Fully lined.

*Due to delicate fabric, handle with care.

Some customers purchased the setup today.
Items with this season's theme USA motif.
it's recommended.

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