KANEMASA PHIL. / 46G Artisan Jersey Shirt

KANEMASA PHIL. / 46G Artisan Jersey Shirt

Yay Japan! !

Yesterday, as planned, I watched a soccer game at Miyako Restaurant Saiya.

It's nice to watch the Asian Cup on a monitor sandwiched between an Orion lantern and the back of your father's head after work.

As you know, Japan won 3-1.
Japan was really strong.

Bahrain were forced to defend the entire time, except for the occasional counter attack. Well, it's really tough on players who play defense. Both physically and mentally. .

In Japan, Maikuma was extremely effective. A strong mid-range ball that got out of the way with exquisite attack participation every time, leading to the first point.
I love that line up of Maikuma, Kubo, and Doan.

He's been criticized a lot for his own goal caused by flirting with Ueda, but I think Zion Suzuki is doing well despite his young age.
I just checked and she's 21 years old.
Being the guardian deity of Japan at the age of 21 must be a tremendous amount of pressure.
GK is a position where experience is really important, so I would like Coach Moriyasu to continue using Suzuki Zion.

Next up is Iran.
Japan ranks first in Asia in the FIFA rankings, and Iraq ranks second.
It's going to be a tough battle, but I'm sure Japan will win by scoring a lot of points! !

Now, onto the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

46G Artisan Jersey Shirt


price ¥28,600 (tax included)

We picked up the 46 gauge artisan jersey shirt that was announced last time.

The details are adopted from a dress shirt.
Finished with shell buttons.
It features a boxy silhouette with a firm width.
The drape when worn creates a shirt with a unique atmosphere.
In addition, by cutting to size and using the interlining as little as possible, we create a silhouette based solely on the texture of the fabric.

KANEMASA PHIL. Creates jersey with a super high gauge called 46G.
Made from 100% 80/1 recycled cotton.
After that, it was subjected to salt shrinkage processing.
This material has a unique texture and is one of a kind.
After that, it is garment dyed.


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