Blanc YM / Ripstop Padded Vest

Blanc YM / Ripstop Padded Vest

It's that time of year again.

A customer I've known for 10 years asked me to sell ehomaki again this year, so I made a reservation the other day! ! lol

This year's contents are...

It tastes delicious even before you wrap it. . .

I got it for the first time last year, but I remember it being really tough.

It was about the size of a person's arm, so I felt like I could barely eat one by myself.

It's so delicious that you can eat that much because of the deliciousness of the ingredients that can only be found in a fresh fish izakaya!

When I was in Okinawa, there wasn't much of a culture of eating ehomaki, so even now, I don't know why people eat ehomaki in silence, facing a certain direction on Setsubun, but it's delicious, so people are looking for ehomaki. If you are there, please go to ``Laughing Fish'' near PRANK STORE!

Now on to the main topic.

Today we will introduce this item that can be used from now on.

Blanc YM
Ripstop Padded Vest

col. gold / black

price ¥41,800 (tax included)

Introducing the ripstop padded vest from the Blanc YM 24SS collection.

A light vest with lightweight padding.
It has a lightweight feel and AH construction that can be layered over knits or outerwear without stress .
It has a practical design with a chest pocket , a change pocket , and a total of 4 pockets , but also has a cool and minimalist design, such as a fly front design and a boxy silhouette.
The shoulders are designed to be slightly taut without falling.
It has a ripstop pattern that floats lightly.

High-density ripstop pattern material with a firm feel.
A hybrid material that uses semi-dull (matte) recycled polyester for the warp and a blend of New Zealand merino wool and recycled polyester for the weft.
Because it is a blend of 20% wool, technical skill in dyeing and organizing is required, so this material was developed across the two production areas: the weaving in Hokuriku, a synthetic fiber production area, and the wool production area in Bishu, where dyeing is carried out.
We use Ecosus type raw materials for both the warp and warp.

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