Blanc YM / Wool twill side inverted pleats long coat

Blanc YM / Wool twill side inverted pleats long coat

Lately, I haven't been able to make any games or movies, so I feel like shisha, photography, and manga have taken over more of my work.
That's fulfilling, though.
Today's topic is his "I'm going to win"
This line makes me numb and I admire it.
This has become one of the anime scenes that I definitely want to see.
This time's topic is Jump, which came on Monday, so "Heroaka" was hot again this week.

Talking too much is also nonsense.
Also, my boss told me that since I'm single, I'm not called "Heroaka" but "Hitoaka", so that's the topic here.

It was a slightly warm day today, but there are already quite a few people looking for outerwear.
I feel like about 60% of customers are looking for outerwear.

So today we would like to introduce this coat, which is a basic item but has a great presence.

Blanc YM
Wool twill side inverted pleats long coat

Blanc YM / Wool twill side inverted pleats long coat
Col. Gray
Price. 100,100 yen (tax included)

This seemingly authentic bar collar coat features inverted pleats, which can be seen in details such as trench coats, that extend greatly from the left and right hems.

By removing the buttons and tabs to stop the flap, the hem becomes wider, changing the silhouette and giving the coat a sense of dynamism.
It also features raglan sleeves with plenty of volume.

The fabric is made from Australian merino wool.

The texture is a gray and black twill weave with a conservative look.

We applied a two-dom tumbler process that relaxes and softens the fabric by kneading it.

Although the fabric looks hard at first glance, this finishing process allows it to blend into your skin from the moment you put it on, giving it an attractive soft touch.

This item is highly recommended by designers.
When I tried it on, I realized that the relaxed silhouette is really cool, and just wearing it makes me look good.I'm so satisfied that I can just wear it this winter.
Since it has a loose silhouette, you can of course wear it inside, so enjoy your fashion to the fullest.

Even if I wear size S, it looks like this.
177cm / 72kg (I need to lose weight)

You can wear it just right, or you can wear it a little looser to give it more of a presence, and I think it's really cool.

Only one piece of this item will be available, so if you are interested, please hurry.

Click here for this item.

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