Blanc YM / Wool surge harrington JKT,Wide easy trousers

Blanc YM / Wool surge harrington JKT,Wide easy trousers

I ran 20km yesterday too.

During this time, I received guidance from Mr. Okyoku University, so I am even more motivated.

As I was told that day, running shoes have a limited lifespan.

This is what I'm wearing.

ASICS Evolide Speed.

I looked it up and it says the life mileage is 800km.

I've already weighed 750 km since I started wearing them this year.

Also, this guy only has 50km left to live lol

I need to buy another pair before the marathon.

Does running cost money after all? . .

Now on to the main topic!

Today, we're talking about the ones that will be released tomorrow.

Blanc YM
Wool surge harrington JKT
Wide easy trousers

The long-awaited Blanc YM 1st delivery will finally be released tomorrow.

Every time I go to an exhibition each season, I am fascinated by the brand's new products.
Blanc YM This season's collection, I'm personally drawn to the Harrington jacket and wide easy trousers, which are competing for first and second place.

Wool surge harrington JKT

col. gray / black

price ¥72,600 (tax included)

Oversized Harrington JKT.
It is a standard short blouson item with various names such as drizzler and swing top.

The Harrington jacket's original details such as the sleeves, hem ribs and yoke have been removed, giving it a simple look at first glance, but the side features inverted pleats, allowing you to change the silhouette by adding and removing tabs, and pleats at the cuffs. It spreads out a bit like an A-line.
The stand collar along the neck has genuine buffalo buttons.

Wide easy trousers

col. gray / black

price ¥39,600 (tax included)

Blanc YM classic 3-tuck wide straight pants.
The silhouette is a wide straight one that is thicker than the bottoms offered at PRANK STORE.

It has an easy design with a 5cm wide elastic, a drawcord of the same fabric, a zipper fly, and an easy design that allows you to put a belt through it, so it can be worn in a variety of ways.

The hem has a 5cm double hem, giving it a beautiful look, but I think the silhouette and easy design are well-cut to create an exquisitely balanced item.

We use 100% wool 2/48 serge material from one of Japan's leading weavers who has been making serge in the Bishu region for over 100 years.
Thick-count serge, which is often used for uniforms, takes advantage of the firmness of the material and is kneaded with a tumbler during the sorting process.
The result is a material with just the right amount of stretch and natural wrinkles, a simple and sturdy body, and a relaxed atmosphere.

It will be on sale both in stores and online from 12:00 tomorrow, Saturday, August 19th.

looking forward to! !

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