Blanc YM / Short Trench Vest

Blanc YM / Short Trench Vest

I woke up early today too.

Recently, my hometown team, Shogaku Okinawa, was winning at Koshien, so I got up early on the day of the game to watch it.

Today is the Keio match.

On the left is Higaonna-kun, nicknamed Mr. Zero, who had only one earned run in this tournament so far.

In the 6th inning, I was caught by the Keio batting lineup.

I guess I'm tired from all the consecutive postings.

It's been a long time since I went to a nice place in Okinawa and I was so excited!

Thank you Okinawa Shogaku! !

Good luck Keio! !

Now to the main topic.

These will be released today.

Blanc YM

Introducing the short trench vest from the Blanc YM 23AW collection.

Short Trench Vest

col. beige / blue black

price ¥62,700 (tax included)

A short trench vest created from the image of a classic short trench coat with the set-in sleeves cut off.

The cut-off specification leaves the lining part approximately
5mm longer than the outer fabric, and the two- color ombré thread and lining thread overlap in a complex manner, precisely reproducing the cut-off part.

In addition to cut-and-sew shirts and shirts, we also recommend inserting a blouson or coat into your inner layer to enjoy layering.


100% wool material produced in Bishu region .
An original ombre color wool calze material made by dividing 2/30 worsted wool vertically and horizontally to create a deeper color .
Furthermore, the vist processing gives it just the right amount of firmness, stiffness, and a supple touch to the surface.

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