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superNova. "Selvedge wide jeans - One wash / Black x Black"

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The fabric is 13oz 100% cotton selvedge denim woven with rope-dyed black threads for both the warp and weft. The sewing threads and tack buttons are also black.
Compared to other denims, selvedge denim has a distinctive overall texture and gives off a unique presence.
The fabric is woven slowly on a shuttle loom, taking a long time to incorporate air, which gives the fabric a fluffy, airy feel compared to regular denim.
This item has been one-washed. Selvedge (red edge) is used for the front and back side seams. It has a wide silhouette with one tuck, but it is not a typical jeans silhouette, but rather a beautiful silhouette like elegant slacks. The side pockets are bias pockets that are easy to reach into.
The rivets on the front, a characteristic feature of jeans, have been deliberately removed and instead reinforced with a clasp, giving the jeans a clean look that can be easily coordinated with a variety of outfits.
The stitching seen in vintage jeans is incorporated throughout, and the back pockets have reinforced fabric, hidden bars, and hidden rivets, reinforcing the areas that are prone to wear and tear to ensure long-lasting use. We hope you will enjoy wearing them a lot and watching the color fade and change over time.
Handling instructions: Friction and moisture may cause discoloration or color transfer.
Please be careful when wearing this item with light-colored items or on car seats, etc.

S Size
Waist 81cm Rise 33cm Inseam 71cm Thigh width 36cm Hem width 27cm
M Size
Waist 86cm Rise 33.5cm Inseam 74cm Thigh width 37cm Hem width 27.5cm
100% Cotton

The brand concept is to "express the historical background, events, and the things that the designer feels on a daily basis through the filter of fashion."
The brand believes that the beginning of clothing can be traced back to when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, which gave rise to the knowledge of good and evil, in the Old Testament. The designer uses an "apple" as the brand's icon because he wants to never forget his original intentions when it comes to clothing and craftsmanship.