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SimplyComplicated "TANK TOP"

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The RELUX series is a luxurious basic item that allows you to relax. The soft product, made of a blend of cashmere and silk, can be worn for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. Although the material is complex, it is washable, quick to dry, and wrinkles are easily removed, making it highly functional. Single stitch specification. Delivered in an original box.

[Size 1]
Width: 41.5cm / Shoulder width: 24.5cm / Length: 63.5cm
[Size 2]
Width: 45.5cm / Shoulder width: 25.5cm / Length: 67cm

Tencel 89%, Polyurethane 5%, Silk 3%, Cashmere 3%

Country of Origin: Japan

The brand name was decided based on the concept of incorporating complicated elements into simple elements. Even in today's fashion industry where trends change rapidly, the brand's team members plan what "people really want" and "can wear for a long time" and produce all items with a commitment to being made in Japan. Just as there are clothes on the market that are loved by many people for decades, like secondhand clothes, SC's clothes are not the kind of clothes that you will stop wearing after a year. They are simple clothes that you can wear forever, but with unique and complex designs, they are clothes that people will love for 10 or 20 years, and the brand's motto is to produce them with world-class Japan-made quality and to distribute them not only to Japan but to the world.