[In-store release 4.27.sat - Online release 4.29.mon] NOCHINO OPTICAL "SAN SUI"

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A boss rington type that is slightly larger than the signature model.

The silhouette is Asian fit but also unisex and fits Westerners well.
The high mount fit takes into account the low nose that is characteristic of Asians and matches the majority of people.

The rivets that secure the hinges are polished after being placed in plastic using a finishing method called "polishing", and skilled craftsmen carefully polish each and every one until the very last piece.

The two-curve lens that symbolizes the NOCHINO OPTICAL brand is neither flat nor the typical curved type, with a beautiful curved surface reminiscent of old hand-cut glass lenses, and its shiny surface gives off a sense of luxury.

In addition, there are two versions of photochromic lenses that change color under UV rays, which is one of the brand's iconic features.

The biggest appeal is the unique lens version that changes color from clear to light gray-green with a light dye to gray.
The brand icon is engraved on the left temple in cloisonne.

Size: 49 / 20 / 147


NOCHINO OPTICAL is an eyewear brand based in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, a region famous for its eyeglasses production, where artisans carefully handcraft their products.
We offer genderless, basic and simple items.