FUJI "no tuck slacks"

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No-Tax Luxe Although it is a wool blend, it is machine washable and has an easy-to-wear silhouette, while the size can be adjusted by leaving a seam allowance on the back of the belt.

[Size S]
Waist: 77cm / Waist: 30cm / Rise: 34cm / Inseam: 76cm / Hem width: 21.5cm
[Size M]
Waist: 80cm / Waist: 31cm / Rise: 35cm / Inseam: 78cm / Hem width: 22cm


DESIGNER: Mr. Ryota Fujimoto

FUJI is a Japanese men's brand.

It was launched by designer Ryota Fujimoto .

Based on the idea that clothes that are picked up on a daily basis should blend naturally with the wearer's lifestyle and make their presence felt in a subtle way, we propose clothes that bring richness and joy to daily life.

We have a selection of denim pants and colored shirts that are elegantly finished using different materials and silhouettes.

We create by fusing universal creations with modern essence, using high-quality materials and unique designs.