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A product dyeing series using smooth, high-gauge knitting made from Egypt's Giza cotton, one of the world's three largest cottons.
Blue gardenia and yellow pomegranate.

[Size M] Wearing staff height 169cm
Length: 68.5cm / Shoulder width: 52.5cm / Body width: 57.5cm / Sleeve length: 55.5cm / Cuff width: 10cm

[Size L]
Length: 70cm / Shoulder width: 53cm / Body width: 61cm / Sleeve length: 56cm / Cuff width: 10cm

Fusion of Western and Japanese
Clothes that will someday become vintage
Delivering Japan's manufacturing genes

A brand name that combines the word network (connection between people)

The point of contact between clothes and Japanese clothing
The intersection of Fashion and Basic
The intersection of Vintage and Modern
The point of contact between Man and Woman

Through creative activities that can only be realized through human interaction
Promoting Japanese Manufacturing and passing on the genes of Japan's wonderful manufacturing through clothing.