KANEMASA PHIL. "46G Cotton Thin Pack Tee"

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An original jersey material knitted to its limits using a unique knitting machine called 46G .
An inner item with a slimy feel made from 100% 60/1 recycled vinyl .
It has a long length and is recommended as an inner item.
This item has just the right amount of sheerness, fleshiness, and high gauge .
All items are the same size and come in a set of 2 pieces , 1 white and 1 black .
Made from 100% original sustainable yarn .
PackingTee made of super high gauge jersey tissue .

*Since organic cotton is used, contamination may occur, but please note that this is unique to the fabric.

[Size M]
Shoulder width: 47cm / Bust: 59cm / Sleeve length: 25cm / Length: 75cm
[Size L]
Shoulder width: 51cm / Bust: 61cm / Sleeve length: 26cm / Length: 77cm
[Size XL]
Shoulder width: 53cm / Bust: 63cm / Sleeve length: 27cm / Length: 79cm

Cotton (recycled organic) 100%


A brand that originated from a circular knit manufacturer headquartered in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, which started in 2021SS.
All items are made using super high gauge knit.

Everything from raw materials to knitting, dyeing, and sewing is original only to KANEMASA.
We propose products with unprecedented new value.
At its core, we find value in good things, beautiful things, historical and universal things, and propose a sophisticated new standard style.
We provide our customers with "free values" and "good quality" born from a firm sense of aesthetics.

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