yorozu 23SS Collection

yorozu 23SS Collection

Good evening.

It's raining outside.

The current time is just before 8pm, just before closing.

A while ago, I was alone taking pictures of the guerilla arrival and preparing to upload it online, and now the time has come. . . lol

So I'd like to keep today's blog super simple.

This product arrived today! ! !

23SS Collection

Speaking of PRANK STORE bags, this is it.


In particular, as soon as the Tasuki Shoulder bag arrived, the store was crowded with customers who were looking for this bag.

We apologize for the long wait since it was sold out.

Whoa! ! !

We have plenty available! ! lol

I would like to introduce each item in detail, but it is raining heavily outside. . .

It may seem strange to me as a member of society, but I want to go home as soon as the rain subsides, so I will provide details at a later date!

I'm sorry! ! !

If you are interested, please take a look at the ``yorozu'' online page where I spent most of my time today! ! lol

yorozu mail order page

I'm going home!

thank you for your hard work! ! !

Olive Court 3F B, 1-10-13 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

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