yorozu / アームズタスキショルダー

yorozu / Arms Tasuki Shoulder

The maximum temperature today is 31 degrees.

My body must have gotten used to the extreme heat, and it feels cooler now.

I can't believe that when I was a kid, I was told that summers were hot, reaching up to 32 degrees Celsius.

Terrifying temperature warming.

And for some reason, on a hot day, I want to eat noodles even more.

Yesterday, on my day off, I went to the nearby "Irifune Shokudo".

I was licking it because it was a weekday. They're all lined up. .

I wanted to eat this abura soba. . .

I gave up and went to the nearby "Tandanmenoku".

I don't eat tandan noodles very often because I don't like spicy food, but my mouth was in noodle mode. .

Dandan noodles without meat and miso soup.

Delicious. It's as spicy as it gets.

The sauce coats the smooth, curly noodles well!

It was perfect except for the fact that I choked and had bean sprouts coming out of my nose when I added vinegar to change the taste and slurped the noodles.

The concept of soupless dandan noodles has been overturned.

Let's try eating elsewhere.

Well, leaving that aside, we had a wonderful arrival yesterday, so I'd like to introduce you to it.

Arms Tasuki Shoulder

col. gray / black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

Introducing the Arms Tasuki Shoulder from the yorozu 23AW collection .

It is designed so that when carrying the bag on your back, you can use it by just moving your arm around it.
The key point is the shoulder tip that can store smartphones, etc.

Items inside the tip of the sword will not fall out when opening and closing the main unit.

Reflective piping is applied throughout, and its presence increases in the evening after work or school.

It improves visibility at night, making it useful for cycling/motorcycle riding, as well as for dark live music venues, clubs, and outdoor festivals.

The included leather is made of Japanese nubuck, which is a slightly brushed material.

The main body fabric is JIS standard grade 5 3- layer nylon.

A technical material that repels water and doesn't get stuffy.

The accessories are made of nubuck leather, which feels nice and warm to the touch.

You can enjoy aging with time.

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