yorozu 24SS Collection

yorozu 24SS Collection

I don't know if you read "Torpedo", which I introduced in a previous blog, or not, but I've received many requests for recommendations for ramen restaurants, so I'll just tell you.

"Chukasoba Sakae" is located right next to Akasaka Station, about a 5 minute walk from PRANK STORE.
When I visited for the first time, I was like, ``This is what it's like,'' but I have a mysterious rule that I don't judge restaurants that I've been introduced to by someone I know, no matter how bad they are.
Yes, and the fateful second time.
My best ramen I've come across.
Although it claims to be Chinese soba, it looks more like Iekei ramen, which is irresistible.
If you slurp the ramen, you'll get Chinese noodles. It's seriously too delicious.
Ramen is currently the number one ramen in my life. When you come to PRANK, why not stop by here as well?

Now, here are the items that I (I tried to imitate Kyan's first person voice lol) wanted to introduce to you as soon as possible.

24SS Collection

This season's collection bags will be arriving from Yorozu soon, so we will introduce the product numbers in advance.

JP/ Canvas Tasuki Shoulder No. 2

col. black / navy

price ¥23,100 (tax included)

The main body fabric is thick No. 8 canvas made in Japan. It is one of the most classic fabrics in the history of Japanese bags.
The fabric feels stiff at first, but as you use it, it will get used to it and become softer.
You can experience the fun of growing canvas. It is durable so you can use it for a long time.

CORDURA Tasuki Shoulder No. 2

col. gray / black

price ¥23,100 (tax included)

A matte nylon material made with Cordura thread.
It has a 3- layer structure by laminating a moisture-permeable waterproof coating and tricot .
Although the fabric has a multi-layered structure, it is not stiff and is extremely soft, making it easy to adjust to your body when styling.
The material is lightweight and resistant to rain.

resort drawstring backpack

col. black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

When spending leisure time or holidays.
A versatile large-capacity bonsack type that can be used in extreme locations, whether it's a resort or an oasis in the city.
Generally, the size is said to be enough for one night and two days.
The basic way to carry it is one-shoulder over your right or left shoulder. (It fits in the middle of the three D- rings on the bottom gusset) The shoulder tape center zipper has a strong presence and is a focal point. Of course, you can also hang it diagonally.

Arms Tasuki Shoulder

col. gray / black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

It is designed so that when carrying the bag on your back, you can use it by just moving your arm around it.
The key point is the shoulder tip that can store smartphones, etc.
Items inside the tip of the sword will not fall out when opening and closing the main unit.
Reflective piping is applied throughout, and its presence increases in the evening after work or school.

arms tote

col. gray / black

price ¥28,600 (tax included)

A crunchy classic tote. The shape is called The Tote.
It has a large capacity of approximately 57 liters.
Generally, one night and two days is said to be a comfortable size.
The main opening/closing opening is a zipper specification.
You don't have to worry about dropping things.
There is no problem even if you leave the zipper open.

Above, 5 product numbers will be in stock.

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