It's my wish.

Even though the store was closed on the day I wanted to go, and I couldn't make it in time for business hours on the day I thought I could go, I wanted to try this cup this week. .

The story was sold out every day after 8pm, and after business hours yesterday, I threw away my bicycle.

"Ramen small 300g"
Noodle hardness Amount of normal noodles Amount of normal vegetables Machined garlic A little solid oil Normal Karame flavor intensity Normal

raw egg topping

I'm a ramen amateur virgin, and I'm going to be masturbated.

There was a recommended way to eat it right in front of me, so I followed the manual.
A donburi bowl, a bite of soup, vegetables mixed with the soup, vegetables and char siu, and Tenjigaeshi to enjoy the noodles and vegetables at the same time.

It's too delicious. . .

Jiro-style inspired soup is so rich that I thought it would give me a gut feeling from the first bite, but... "It's so gentle..."
Easy. I was betrayed in a good way. .
Vegetables and chashu too◉
The firm noodles are very filling.

At the end, when you see the belly bread, the taste changes.

Dip it in the raw egg topping and make it sizzle.
I saw it on Instagram and tried to copy it, but I was the type to put it directly into the bowl lol

It was delicious anyway.

I don't know anything about the authentic Jiro type, but it certainly has an addictive taste.

If I wasn't working in the hospitality industry, I would have loved to eat garlic and all that stuff.
It makes sense to take a day off just to make things better.

Well, that's all for talking about ramen, and let's get to the main topic.

We are introducing the first arrival of this season.


col. black

price ¥58,300 (tax included)

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 1st Delivery Introducing leather sandals made using the stitch down method at Japan's largest leather shoe factory in Yamagata Prefecture.

Made using the stitch down method , it has outstanding flexibility and lightness .
The design of the sandals is highly versatile and mobile , allowing you to wear them anywhere .

The design without toes creates a sense of elegance and elegance .

The insole is padded with cushioning material , making it soft and comfortable to wear .

In addition , since it uses Vibram sole , it has outstanding lightness , cushioning , durability , and grip .

It goes on sale in stores from today, but will be posted online from 0:00 on December 11th.

looking forward to.

YOKO SAKAMOTO online page

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