Happy Valentine!

Valentine's Day is the most exciting time of the year for men.

Speaking of February 14th, I have nostalgic fond memories of when I was a student, groping around in shoe boxes, desks, and bags with nervous expressions looking for chocolates.

When you grow up, the only things you can receive are chocolates from your workplace or from your partner at home.

And today, it's a single man and me.

The current situation in workplaces where there are no women on staff means that there is no obligation.

It's tight.

A single male staff member standing with me said in the morning, ``Those two are also on a Valentine's Day date.''

``Those two, too...'' she said, looking lonely.

It's tight.

In the end, even though I always eat only Black Thunder, today...

I bought some nice ones. . .

I feel like crying when I see this picture. At the same time, I felt overwhelmed by the atmosphere when I was alone with him and there were no other customers in the store.

I hope he becomes happy soon.

Now, leaving that topic aside, let's get to the main topic.

Here's what I'd like to introduce to you! !



Following on from the denim setup from yoko sakamoto 23SS, we would like to introduce work jackets and work trousers.


col. fade black

price. ¥48,400 (tax included)


col. fade black / fade olive

price. ¥40,700 (tax included)

Work style coverall jacket.

We purposely used military-specific fabrics in a universal work design, creating a unique atmosphere that seems to be a mix of French work and military.

Comes with front pocket, chest pocket, and inside pocket.

Field trousers with a single tuck in the front and a baggy silhouette.

I created these because I wanted highly versatile pants that would be easy to match with any outfit.
It has a unique atmosphere that is a mix of French work and military.

Comes with 1 front tuck, front pocket, watch pocket, hip pocket, and waist strap.

The work series that is available at PRANK STORE this time is only fade processing.
In the product description at the exhibition, I heard that even among highly skilled factories that request vintage processing, only experienced craftsmen with skilled techniques do the work, which makes me more and more attractive.

Although there are only a few, this is a great product that you should definitely try at the store.

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