TTT MSW / MAKE LOVE over size damage knit

TTT MSW / MAKE LOVE over size damage knit

Good evening.

Yesterday was a day off.

Lately, I haven't been doing anything in particular, so the night before, I forced myself to go to a bar and go to karaoke, something typical of college students.

As expected, I'm not young anymore, and I was hungover until the afternoon. .

I woke up my near-dead body and went there for the first time in a while.

"Ramen Kuramochi".

My first time ordering natto monkeys.

What to put on the handmade curly noodles is...

Pickled soup with thick natto foam. There's an incredible amount of menma and chashu inside.

At first glance, I thought it wasn't enough, so I ordered a bowl of curry, but then I remembered. Here, a ridiculous amount of food was served in the regular serving size. .

Barely finished eating. . lol

Afterwards, go to a nearby coffee shop.

``area Coffee''.

I decided to cool the stomach and numb it.

Frozen mango yogurt.
Isn't this the best drink for a weakened body? ? It surpassed miso soup.

Thank you for the meal.

Well, today, when I'm feeling pretty good, I received a wonderful shipment.

23SS last delivery

Thank you for your prompt mail order.

Among them, today we will introduce these.

MAKE LOVE over size damage knit

col. yellow multi

price ¥60,500 (tax included)

Last knit delivery for TTT MSW this season.
Make Love Oversized Damaged Knit.

This item has a fairly wide width and can be worn in one piece.

The one we are purchasing this time is yellow multi-colored.
Because the product is dyed after it is made, each piece has a slightly different color, and the yellow base contains various colors such as green, brown, and orange by tie-dying.

In addition, the body has some very aggressive damage, and you can enjoy various ways of showing it by changing the inner layer.

It can be worn with shirts, long T-shirts, and even tank tops, so I think it can be worn for many seasons.

It is a savior for spring/summer styling, which tends to be simple.

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