TOZAOU New Arrival "mimi" Track Slacks

TOZAOU New Arrival "mimi" Track Slacks

Tomorrow is finally here! !

“TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR READY TO BE Fukuoka Performance”! !

It's too dangerous. .

TWICE fans, it's been 7 years since they became "ONCE".

My first live show.

I can meet the full men tomorrow! !

I still can't believe it. .

At first, it started with one of the members, Momo,...

I watched a lot of music videos and live videos, and before I knew it, I was a fan of the Hako-Oshi group.

Tomorrow, live Nayeon. Raw Jihyo. Raw peaches. Raw Sana. Raw mina. Raw Dahyun. Raw Jeongyeon. Raw Chaeyoung. Raw Tzuyu.

That must be dangerous.

I guess it's divine.

I find myself grinning unconsciously as I write this, and it feels creepy, but that's okay.

Tomorrow is the most exciting event of the year.

Tonight, after this, I would like to go to a Korean restaurant with the ONCEs I usually hang out with and bring my mood to 200% TWICE mode.

If there are ONCEs reading this blog who are planning to attend the concert tomorrow, let's meet at the venue! !

What goods should I buy? .

Okay, I'd be completely lying if I said I wasn't excited, but I'm going to be serious from here on out.

In yesterday's blog, we introduced the superNova. 2023SS PRE Collection Item, which is scheduled to be released for the beginning of the year, but of course that's not the only item we have available for the first sale!

It was released at the anniversary event and was well received, but we will also release it in a different fabric for the first sale!

New Arrival "mimi" Track Slacks

col. ALL sort of

price ¥27,500 (tax included)

Slacks with “Mimi” as a side badge line.

This item was created as a project by designer Mr. Uri, who wanted to bring ``mimi'', which originally existed only in fabric manufacturers and tailors, to the main part of the design.

Last month, we released many colored products, but we will be releasing new gray and black products for the first sale of the new year.

black×mint / black×brown / gray×white / gray×green

It is made with a denim pattern to use the ears, and by threading the center crease tightly through, it creates a silhouette with beautiful volume in the inner thighs, which is not found in original slacks.
The elastic at the waist is made of rubber and hemp string.

Because it is made from leftover fabric, only a limited number of pieces can be produced no matter which fabric is used.

Currently, we have 8 colors available, so please try them out for the first time.

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