TOZAOU 23SS last delivery

TOZAOU 23SS last delivery

Good evening.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a customer who has been working with me for the past 10 years since returning to Fukuoka.

It's been a long time since I've had food, so I went to a reliable restaurant, but there was a line everywhere. . .

Just when I was so hungry that I didn't want to do anything else, I noticed ``HIGH FIVE DELI'', which opened at the end of last year near PRANK STORE, so I decided to visit for the first time.

It's a stylish restaurant that mainly serves chicken over rice, but of course you can order here.

Looks delicious, right? ?

Chicken over rice from New York. Here, turmeric rice is topped with yogurt and chili sauce.

As someone who loves junk food, this is irresistible.

Yogurt does a nice job of making the spicy jerk chicken and chili sauce mild.

Vegetables such as carrots are also a nice accent.

Although I didn't take a photo, it goes without saying that it goes well with the strong carbonation of the cola I ordered.

I think it's definitely for people who like kebabs and taco rice, so please come and try it.

Now, let's change the conversation and get to the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

23SS last delivery

Last delivery of TOZAOU, which was introduced as this month's arrival list in the blog the other day.

It will be released this weekend, so check out the details before then.

Coating Fishing Vest

col. beige / navy

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

This item is made of resin-treated cotton that is air-tumbled to give it the look of a leather vest.

Continuing from 22AW, this is a pullover vest with a round front cut based on the fishing vest made by a long-established carpet manufacturer that is favored by designers.

The detail of the cuffs of a shirt is used at the back hem opening to assist in putting on and taking off the garment, and to change the silhouette when you put your hands in the front pockets.

Mural Fruit Vest

col. yellow / gray

price ¥29,700 (tax included)

Hippies were associated with the peace symbol, and designers at the time often wore clothes and accessories that directly expressed the peace symbol.
The design began with the question of what would be a motif based on my thoughts as an adult, and I created a three-dimensional popcorn knitted pattern with images of "fruitfulness" and "prosperity," creating a visual that resembled an old mural. The knit vest is made from 100% linen yarn.

There is a difference in length at the front and back, and the appearance changes depending on the number and position of the buttons.

The release schedule is...

It will be April 21st (Friday ) orApril 22nd (Saturday) .

I'll be uploading photos on Instagram as soon as they arrive, so be sure to check them out! !

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