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tangenet / Trigg

Good evening.

Will this film finally be released in live action next month?

Netflix series “Yu Yu Hakusho”!
It's so nostalgic lol I think today's younger generation doesn't know about it! ?
I also watched the anime when I was in kindergarten or elementary school.

The main character, Yusuke Uramei, practiced a lot of shots, but he never got a shot.

Even so, there's something strange about the live-action cast. .

The main character, Yusuke Urameshi, is played by Takumi Kitamura, who is often used in live-action anime, but you can still overlook him.

Kuwabara is too handsome...

I feel like everything is different when it comes to Hiei.
Since this is my favorite character, I can't stand this one. lol

But on the other hand, it's precisely because the hurdles have been lowered that this work seems to be surprisingly enjoyable.

If you are interested, please take a look! !

Now, let's change the subject and get to the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.


col. khaki

price ¥38,500 (tax included)

The material used is densely woven wool gabardine, which is highly water-repellent and durable.
Utilizing its durability and wool's water repellency, wool has a history of being used as a material for high-quality bat umbrellas in the early Showa era.

This work was inspired by the hunting vests of the 1950s .
Pass your arm through the belt and fasten it with the ring belt on the front.
In addition, the front has large pockets on the left and right, making it highly functional.

The size can be adjusted with the shoulder belt or ring belt, so it can be worn not only as an inner layer but also over a thin outer layer.

We hope you enjoy it as a plus item for your styling.

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