superNova. / Track jacket - Velvet jacquard

superNova. / Track jacket - Velvet jacquard

I've seen it.
Pay money To my Pain (PTP) movie “SUNRISE TO SUNSET”

It really hit home for me, as I was from that generation, and the emotions I felt at the time were really overflowing, no joke.
All the band members of that era wanted to be PTP, and I can say without exaggeration that they wanted to be the vocalist K.
I think there are a lot of kids who don't know about "PTP" these days, but if you love the current rock band scene, I'd like you to go see them anyway.
When I recommended it to a junior colleague of mine (who likes bands) who only knew the name PTP, he said he had already gone to see it twice lol.I would also recommend it to people who are seriously not interested in bands or don't know anything about them.
I think this will be an indicator of how I will spend my time and live my life from now on.

I seriously recommend it.
I'm sure the release date is very short, so be sure to check it out in theaters!

Well, today I'm buying a lot of outerwear, and I often see people looking for intermediate wear, so I'd like to introduce them to you.

Track jacket - Velvet jacquard

superNova. / Track jacket - Velvet jacquard
Col: Ivory / Black
Size: S (sold out) / M
Price: 49,500 yen (tax included)

This is a coat that symbolizes superNova.
This track jacket uses ``Velvet Jacquard'', an original jacquard material created with the aim of creating a velvet-like texture, for the outer material.

The pattern is inspired by a peony flower.
Contrary to the flower language of peonies, this piece has a strong presence.
This item may look flashy at first glance, but thanks to the exquisite color scheme and jacquard weave, it has a very elegant finish.
The lining uses a cold-protecting material that absorbs and converts infrared rays to generate heat. The front has a double zip, and the cuffs and hem are made of elastic.

The body width and armholes are set to be loose, creating a jacket that can be worn as a light outerwear in autumn or spring.

On a slightly warm day like today, we recommend wearing it alone, and on days when the temperature is going to drop and it gets colder, we recommend wearing it under a coat for styling.
It's really great to wear under a coat that has a lot of solid colors, and it's also the style I want to wear this winter.

There is only one M left in each color, so if you are interested, please hurry.

Click here for Ivory.

Click here for Black.

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