The rainy season has begun in Fukuoka as well.

It rained heavily all day yesterday.

I can't even do my holiday routine of running.

What I do on rainy days is play games, read manga, or binge watch Netflix.

I recently saw this, which was a hot topic on Netflix.

"Sanctuary Sanctuary".

A web drama about sumo wrestling that has been broadcast around the world since the beginning of this month.
The story is about the main character, a Yankee from Kitakyushu, who comes to Tokyo and trains to become a sumo wrestler.
There's a main character who has talent but no respect or motivation for sumo, and then he starts training seriously and becomes stronger, and I like that pattern.

The way it ended made me feel like there might be a second season, so I'm looking forward to the future.

Now, onto the main topic.

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Today's summer pick-up item is shorts, which are truly a summer item.

We have carefully selected three roughly different types of shorts, so first let's talk about the characteristics of each one.

①MATSUFUJI / Cupra Check Short Trousers

col. brown×ivory / green×navy

price. ¥33,000 (tax included)

First up is the cupro check short trousers from MATSUFUJI.

An original check fabric made using cupra yarn and expressed in a twill structure.
The yarn is dyed using herbal fabric dyeing, which is a mixture of plant dyes and reactive dyes using cacao, logwood, and mulberry leaves.It is a new product that combines natural dyes with beautiful tones and environmentally friendly and safe dyes that are GOTS certified . This will be the dyeing method.

These shorts are made of checkered cupra with a drapey feel and have a cool feel, and since they have a checkered pattern, we recommend pairing them with a simple colored top.

MATSUFUJI online page

②Blanc YM / Wide Easy Half Trousers

col. gray

price ¥29,700 (tax included)

Easy half trousers that follow the details of Blanc YM's classic easy trousers.
The two deep tucks create a beautiful silhouette around the waist.
The material is Australian merino wool.
Merino wool yarn is woven and processed in Bishu to increase the density vertically, creating a high-quality material with a beautiful gabarak pattern.
Even though they are shorts, they have a double tuck shading and drape, making them an elegant pair of shorts.

Since these are tucked shorts, they have a wide silhouette. Personally, I like the silhouette because it hides the soccer muscles on my thighs.

Blanc YM online page


col. black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

From no., wide boot cut shorts feature original details such as slit pockets on the sides and flap pockets on the back.

Made of Super 100's WOOL material that can be worn casually.

Unlike the wide shorts mentioned earlier, these are longer shorts.
Many young people these days are particularly reluctant to wear shorts, but I think they're becoming more accepting of shorts just by making them below the knee.

no.Online page

This summer's item is "short pants."
So far, we have introduced small techniques such as accessories and bags that will brighten up your summer style, but shorts are an item that can quickly create a summer feel.
Especially if you only wear long sleeve tops, I highly recommend giving this a try.
With long sleeves, you won't look too childish!

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