Hello, I cut my hair.
To put it simply, it's BASI, but if you look closely, it's Makoto-chan, who is famous for Kazuo Umezu's Guwashi.
Personally, I really like it, but the girls don't really like it...
What's going on this

Well, with all that said, I found a movie that lifted my spirits for the first time in a while.
"AIR" depicts the true story of the birth of the legendary sneaker "Air Jordan" that everyone knows.

Nowadays, it's no exaggeration to say that sneakers = NIKE, but there was a time when NIKE was considered tacky, and we can't help but be excited to see their success stories from that time.
The teaser PV also gives you goosebumps towards the end. Please take a look.

There is an unprecedented sneaker boom, but no matter what you say, you will always admire the style of leather shoes no matter where you go.
There's a charm to them that cannot be expressed with sneakers.

This time, I would like to introduce an item that can play both roles and roles in your styling without worrying too much about leather shoes.

CL grukha

Size. Size 40 (Outsole 28cm) / Size 41 (Outsole 29cm)
Col. Black
Price. ¥99,000- (tax included)
*Leather insole is included.

PETROSOLAUM's first Gurkha shoes.

With a light design suitable for spring and summer, these stylish shoes can be worn barefoot or with socks depending on your mood.
The belt firmly holds your ankles, so you won't get tired even when walking for long periods of time.
It's not as heavy as boots, and has a design that perfectly matches spring and summer styling.
If you want to wear it like sandals, we recommend wearing it barefoot and styling it with shorts for a summery open feel.
Just by changing your feet from the footwear you usually wear to these Gurkha shoes, the whole atmosphere will change completely, so you can style your outfit with a fresh feeling.

This is a pair you should definitely try this spring/summer!

Get this item here.

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