According to the calendar, today is the last day of Golden Week.

Customers who came to our store after researching our store from within and outside the prefecture.

Thank you very much.

As expected, long holidays like these are fun because many people come to the store who we don't get to see often, including customers who have returned home from their hometowns.

I hope to see you again during Obon.

Now, to the main topic.

This one is also in the title.

B-SANDALS Horse reverse]

Col. Black

Price: ¥28,600 (tax included)

B-SANDALS [transparent cow]

Col. Natural

Price: ¥30,800 (tax included)

Today we would like to introduce B-SANDALS from PETROSOLAUM, which we carry at PRANK STORE.

These sandals are the same product number, but this time we have two different colors of leather for the tail.

The black on the left is made from tanned horse reverse leather.
The lining is made of leather, so you can enjoy the changes in the brushed texture.

The natural color on the right is made from transparent cowhide leather created using a special manufacturing process. It has elasticity and a soft feel that you wouldn't expect from leather.

The distinctive feature of B-SANDALS is the thong.

By separating the inside and outside and leaving a gap between them, the pressure on your toes is reduced, they are less likely to chafe, and you won't get tired walking.

The use of parts unique to leather sandals, such as the stakes along the edges and the rivets that secure the thong, adds a luxurious feel to these flip-flops.

The sole is made of a rubber blend of jute for a non-slip design.

A pair of shoes packed with PETROSOLAUM's signature attention to detail.

Please try it.

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