NOCHINO OPTICAL / 2023AW 5th Season’s Delivery

NOCHINO OPTICAL / 2023AW 5th Season's Delivery

Today's blog is about the upcoming NOCHINO OPTICAL 2023AW 5th Season's Delivery.

・About store release date
In-store sales will begin on November 20th (Monday).

・About EC release date/deployment method
For purchases from the online site, sales will begin on November 23rd (Thursday).

This season, the standard model "NOCHINO", which is the brand name, and the metal frame round type "KYOKUSUI" will be in stock.

Incoming models and colors are now available.


GLOSS BLACK × CLEAR to GRAY ( photochromic lens )

GLOSS BLACK × GRAY GREEN to D.GREY ( photochromic lens )

CITRON & AMBER × GRAY GREEN to D.GREY ( photochromic lens )

CLEAR × GRAY GREEN TO D.GREY ( photochromic lens )

BLACK AMBER × LIGHT YELLOW ( photochromic lens )

A signature model of NOCHINO OPTICAL, which bears the brand name. Mid size unisex Asian fit boss lington type.
We calculated the low nose, which is a characteristic of Asian people, and created a fit that matches the majority of people. The caulking parts that connect the hinges are carefully polished one by one by skilled craftsmen using a finishing method called ``sharidashi'', in which they are polished after being placed in plastic.
The 2-curve lens that symbolizes the NOCHINO OPTICAL brand is neither flat nor the typical curved type, but has a beautiful curved surface that retains the vestiges of old hand-cut glass lenses, giving it a luxurious feel with its shiny surface.


PLUTINUM SILVER FLAME × CLEAR to GREY ( photochromic lens )

PLUTINUM SILVER FLAME × GRAY GREEN to D.GREY ( photochromic lens )

RICH AMBER & CHAMPAGNE GOLD  × GREY GREEN to D.GREY ( photochromic lens )

Metal frame round type that gives an intellectual impression.
There are two versions, a metal frame version and a soft impression with cell-wrapped rims, so that both men and women can enjoy the silhouette.
The saddle bridge (single frame) is an integral part of the nose and has a strong classic feel, but by intentionally selecting and manufacturing separate parts, it has an attractive hybrid design and comfort that fits Asian people.
Specifications incorporate the skills of skilled craftsmen.
In addition, the metal parts used for the frame have a classic and delicate engraving pattern similar to the other model YUGEN, giving it a luxurious finish.

Look forward to your arrival.

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