Golden Week is drawing to an end, how is everyone doing?
On a personal note, I was in Tokyo for the first time in a long while until recently.

The band I wanted to meet while I was still alive: "incubusu"
I've bought tickets twice before, but both times I had to return to Japan and was unable to see the event at the last minute, so this is the third time lucky.
The moment I came out I felt goosebumps rising up and I also noticed the corners of my eyes gradually getting hot, and since I was with a friend I didn't want to show that I was crying so I did my best to hold it in and shouted loudly.
The setlist was amazing, and the songs from that time (which I listened to when I was 20 years old) were lit up by the current Incubus, who are on a roll, and at the same time the entire venue, and more than anything, my heart, was exploding.
It was the best two hours.
A miracle will happen after the concert, but I'll talk about it in store. If you're interested, please ask.


Diagonally behind me. That person who is famous for Tokyo Tower... (This is no miracle.)

Today I'd like to introduce this product from MEIAS.
I've been having trouble styling myself in just a T-shirt lately... (Maybe it's because I've gained weight...)
I just can't help but want and want to wear something to put on or layer.
So I picked this one up today.

meias mail order
meias mail order
meias mail order

Size: L
Fabric. 70% Cotton / 21% Rayon / 9% Nylon
Price: 29,700 yen (tax included)

This is a buttoned vest made of jersey fabric with a reverse stitch base.
I think the biggest feature of the design is the use of several colors.
It has a relatively simple design, so I hope you will wear it casually.
The color scheme of the armhole seam allowances is also a highlight.

This is an item that you can play around with in different colors, so just by matching it with simple summer styling it will take on a completely different look, making it a must-have item for this summer.

It is also a recommended item for both men and women.

There is only one left of this item, so if you are interested, please hurry.

Click here for the MEIAS / MIX COLOR BUTTON VEST product page.

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