MATSUFUJI / Wool Cargo Pocket Wide Trousers

MATSUFUJI / Wool Cargo Pocket Wide Trousers

Good evening.

Today I was able to meet my idol at the store this morning! !

I am O-Kyokudai-sensei, who has often appeared on my blog without my permission.

It was just the first time we met each other.

“Are you Kyan-san?”

"Eh!? So you're O-Kyokudai-sensei?"

I was so excited. lol

I'm sorry that I put the clothes on the back burner and only listened to the running stuff lol.

Today I heard some really good things about running in the future.

Teacher O song! ! Thank you not only for the running class but also for the shopping! !

Let's meet again! !

Now, with my excitement still intact, let's get to the main topic.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

Wool Cargo Pocket Wide Trousers

col. charcoal

price ¥45,100 (tax included)

Introducing wool cargo pocket wide trousers from MATSUFUJI 23AW 2nd Delivery.

Wool cargo pocket wide slacks.

We use gabardine fabric made from merino wool, which has been treated with ozone to improve its scale and preshrunk.

The gusseted pockets, adjuster at the waist, and zipper at the hem allow you to change the silhouette to a tapered or semi-flare look.

It's well received. Please try it.

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