MATSUFUJI / Leaves Quilted Jacquard

MATSUFUJI / Leaves Quilted Jacquard

Due to summer vacation, the movie industry is also releasing a lot of big titles.
Meanwhile, Disney's film division continues to stall.
I'm tired of the blatant political correctness that I see. If you are interested in the details, please feel free to contact me directly, as I will be spewing out quite a bit of venom.
Perhaps because of this, both ``My Element'' and ``Haunted Mansion (live-action)'' were huge failures.
The cause is definitely the ``live-action mermaid thing'' that was done before these works. It's definitely because of this. Even if it's rotten, it's still a work celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary...
I used to get excited when a Disney movie was announced, but now it's like this.
I've heard that "My Element" is a masterpiece, so I want to go see it, but for some reason it's only dubbed in Japanese, lol.

A couple I knew went to see it right away, but since I was lacking in love, I was told that I absolutely had to go see it.

Also, what I'm personally interested in is that it was an unexpected huge hit, making over 1 billion dollars. Barbie live-action version. (If I remember correctly, Mario and this are the only ones who made over 1 billion dollars this year)
I thought it was all about Kyawa's worldview, but it turns out to be a social satire, and after all, it stars Margot Lovineki.

I don't feel like watching it at all when I see it like this, haha, but I think it's really bad to judge based on appearance.

So, I would like to introduce you to some clothes that look good and look even better when you wear them.

Leaves Quilted Jacquard

Today, we are introducing the leaved quilt jacquard jacket and vest from the MATSUFUJI 23AW 2nd delivery released yesterday.

Leaves Quilted Jacquard Jacket

col. off / olive

price ¥79,200 (tax included)

Leaf pattern quilted jacquard jacket.

A knitted fabric with an original leaf pattern knitted in a quilt style using a special jacquard machine.

Features an oversized, off-center reverse zipper.

The ribs on the sleeves are two-tiered ribs that are unique to the military.

At first glance, it looks like a padded bomber jacket, but it's made of soft knit fabric, so it's lightweight and feels like a light outerwear.

The width of the body and arms are wide, so it is possible to put oversized items inside.

Leaves Quilted Jacquard Vest

col. off( sold out ) / olive

price ¥55,000 (tax included)

Leaf pattern quilted jacquard vest.

A knitted fabric with an original leaf pattern knitted in a quilt style using a special jacquard machine.

A feeling of comfortable size.

Large patch pocket on the front.
This work was released by changing the material of the vest that was popular in 23SS.
Since it is made of the same material as the jacket, it can also be worn as a two-piece piece.
This short-sleeved cut-and-sew item is a ready-to-wear item that can be worn this season.

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